Audit Staff

Miguel Gallegos

Miguel graduated Fresno City College in the summer of 2017, and then graduated Fresno State in the Spring of 2020. He is passionate about his community and loves volunteering for the Fresno Metro Ministry, handing out food and supplies to families in need, caring of dogs and cats at the Valley Animal Center, and planting trees throughout the Fresno county with Tree Fresno.

Miguel chose accounting because he loves following the flow of money and using his skills to help others. He knew that studying accounting would allow him to help others every day, be it through planning, budgeting, or taxes. Before discovering his love for numbers, Miguel almost pursued a career as a fire fighter, after being sent to work alongside Cal Fire during his time in the National Guard.

Miguel enjoys drawing, reading, and exercise, including calisthenics, swimming, weight lifting, hiking, and indoor rock climbing. He also plans to add to more outdoor activities to the list, such as rafting, kayaking, outdoor rock climbing, and maybe even marathons—Miguel certainly can’t be slowed down!

PPC Trivia: In addition to all of his other hobbies, Miguel is an excellent dancer! He loves Latin dancing, Folklorico, and even break dancing—time for a dance-off!

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