Our Culture

Our values define who we are, why we do what we do and how we do it. They are at the core of our business, and every decision we make comes back to these seven principles.



We manage first from our heart, and then from our head. Faith and family anchor us as we serve our employees, clients and community. We are privileged to serve those who have chosen PPC as their employer, trusted advisor or community partner, and we honor their trust in all that we do.



We are honest, first and foremost. Promises are kept; trusting relationships are valued above profits; actions flow from and support stated intentions; employees, clients and community partners of integrity are sought and retained over the long-term. PPC is known for its ethical practices in the communities we serve.



We are privileged to receive the gifts of trust, confidence, time, money, candor and career investment of our employees, clients and community partners. We always choose the path that further develops trust and meets the highest expectations of those who invest their valuable resources with us. The renewal of these gifts through the years is our measure of success in stewarding the resources that are entrusted to us.



Fun is an integral part of the culture and overall success at PPC. Time and energy are devoted to our staff while we deliver on the promises we make to our clients and communities. We celebrate the PPC staff and their accomplishments – both professionally and personally. We understand that work should be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience and with our unique culture, we have created a fun work environment in which the PPC staff can thrive.



We are early adopters of internal processes and marketable technology and systems that enable us to exceed the expectations of our employees and clients. In-depth knowledge of our clients, built through years as their trusted partner, enables us to anticipate emerging needs and provide unique, tailored-to-fit solutions. We equip our employees and clients to lead in the competitive marketplace.



We seek and are blessed to have successful employees, clients, and community partners. Their track records and continuing expectations of success motivate us to be outstanding in all we do. The constant pursuit of higher quality at PPC is marked by defining excellence, measuring performance, interpreting results and redefining methods and goals in a never-ending cycle of excellence in all areas of PPC activity.


Partnering for Success

We are invested in the accomplishments of our employees, clients, and community partners. More than collaborators or participants, PPC shares the goals, successes, setbacks, and the mission fulfillment of the organizations and people with whom we are connected. We share their passion for the work they do and the lives they touch, and we work together with a shared commitment to achieve their vision of success.

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Philanthropic Efforts

Giving back to our community is a huge part of who we are as an organization. We regularly volunteer our time, energy and money for causes close to our hearts, both individually and as a team.
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