Price Paige & Company:
The Place to Be

If you haven’t heard, Price Paige & Company is known as the place to be. We strive to be the place to be whenever you need accounting or financial assistance. But this phrase means more to us than just serving our clients to the best of our abilities. It means going above and beyond to come up with creative solutions to financial problems, creating a culture where people genuinely want to work, giving back to the community, and so much more.

Price Paige & Company wants to be the place for all your accounting needs. We want to be your choice when you’re looking at the cost of education for your children. Our team wants to be your go-to when tax season rolls around for your small business. We strive to be the place that nonprofit organizations seek out when they want to achieve new financial goals.

Our values play a large role in helping us to maintain the quality and integrity of our company. Price Paige places an emphasis on managing from the heart first. We want our clients to know that in everything we do, we do it with their best interests in mind.

Our team is honest in all that we do. We never beat around the bush, and will always give clients our honest opinion. We choose to develop trust first, and strive to meet the highest expectations of those who invest their resources in us. Talking about your personal finances or the finances of your business isn’t always easy. Our job is to give direction, complete our tasks and manage our resources to provide our clients with the most accurate picture of their options and goals. We consistently do this with objectivity and transparency.

Price Paige seeks to exceed the expectations of our employees and clients through innovation. We want to give you options so we can work together to achieve not only your short-term goals, but also help you plan for the future of your business, your life and even for the next generation. We consistently gain a competitive advantage for our clients by investing in our employees. We develop creative professionals who continuously improve internal systems, enabling them to deliver efficient and valuable services to our clients.

We audit over 50 governmental agencies and 30 nonprofit organizations. This gives us a significant breadth of experience. Current clients include large, sophisticated entities such as Fresno Unified, Fresno State Auxiliary Organizations, and Self-Help Enterprises. Our client list over the years has also included the County of Fresno, the County of Madera and Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission to name just a few. Our expertise in federal compliance audits is extensive and we currently conduct over 30 federal compliance audits annually—the size of these audits has been as large as $650 million in federal revenue. We have experience with a wide variety of educational, social service, housing, and transportation programs.

We not only pride ourselves on the work we do, but also the quality and caliber of our employees. We strive to be a place where employees are proud to call us their employers. We want to be the first place someone looks to if they are interested in an accounting career.

Our employees, clients and community partners motivate us to be outstanding in all that we do. We are inspired and ruled by their success. We share their passion for the work they do and the lives they touch. Price Paige & Company is the place to be. Join us.