Fresno Unified Fraud Alert

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Price Paige & Company, a Professional Accountancy Corporation, serves as the Internal Auditor for the Fresno Unified School District and is responsible for monitoring fraud, waste and abuse allegations. There are various ways anyone can easily and anonymously report allegations of fraud, waste and abuse occurring within the District. Allegations reported are processed by the Internal Auditor and either investigated or referred to other appropriate District personnel depending on the nature and substance of the allegation.

In all cases, allegations are considered and appropriate measures are taken to investigate the substance of the allegation in order to determine if sufficient predication exists to launch a fraud, waste or abuse investigation.

Examples of matters that should be reported include:

  • Violations of Federal or State laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to District programs and funding
  • Contract and procurement irregularities
  • Associated Student Body account irregularities
  • Theft and/or abuse of District property including cash, inventory, computers or other assets
  • Conflicts of interest complaints regarding District personnel matters and/or management are not generally investigated by the Internal Auditor unless there is evidence of wrongdoing.

Please provide reliable and accurate information to ensure your report is properly reviewed.

Prior to submitting a report, please ensure you have the correct spelling of names, employee, vendor information, position and program titles, work location, funding source, and any other important details. Choose one of the following methods to anonymously report fraud, waste, and abuse:

  1. Complete the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting Form for follow-up by the Internal Auditor
  2. Call the anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting Hotline at 559-325-3200 to leave a detailed message.