Audit Supervisor

Kristin Torres, CPA

Kristin Torres is a valuable part of the Price Paige audit team. Since being hired in December of 2014, she has been the in-charge auditor for various projects for child care and development audits that require compliance with California Department of Education regulations. Before joining our team, Kristin graduated from Fresno State with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an option in Accountancy. Kristin currently serves as a California CPA Committee Chair for Young Emerging Professionals (YEP).

One of Kristin’s favorite hobbies is traveling. She is a foodie who loves to explore new places and experience all the unique customs a new place has to offer. Kristin also loves to explore and learn about the fashions of the places she visits, if she wasn’t in accounting she’d be in the fashion industry. When Kristin isn’t in the office or exploring far-off places, she occasionally likes to enjoy a delicious piece of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Did You Know: Kristin is an adventurous person, which means she’ll fully immerse herself in a foreign culture—but she hasn’t yet found a food that can top her favorite: Mexican cuisine!

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