Consulting Staff

Logan Esler

Logan graduated from Fresno State in 2022 with a degree in accounting. He began his studies in the computer science program, but switched to business administration, where he found his passion for accounting and sought to turn it into a career. Logan especially enjoys governmental accounting, where he continues to learn about tax dollar allocation, bureaucratic spending, and how the government operates financially. He is a CPA candidate and will be working towards earning his license.

In his downtime, Logan enjoys visiting family in Wisconsin—just as long as it isn’t in the winter! If he wasn’t an accountant, Logan would most likely be working in sports media—no surprise for such an avid sports fan.

PPC Trivia: Logan is obsessed with professional sports, especially football, soccer, and baseball, and he tries to attend a few games each year. He loves traveling to Southern California for Dodgers games, even though he’s actually a Braves fan!

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